Workshop vine stock decoration (France)

Objet décoratif en bois naturel

Why do we like natural wood decorative objects?

Wood is a noble material with many aesthetic and practical qualities. It is strong, durable and can be easily worked to create unique decorative objects. Natural wood also has a rustic charm that can add a warm and welcoming touch to any interior.

Natural wood objects are perfect for creating a cosy and warm atmosphere in your home. They can be used to furnish your living room, your bedroom or even your bathroom. You can choose solid wood furniture, carved objects or wooden wall decorations. The possibilities are endless!

Wood can also be used to create more functional decorative objects, such as trays, boxes or baskets. These objects will be perfect for storing your belongings while adding a touch of style to your home.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, wood is also a very durable material. Solid wood furniture can easily last for generations, while carved or painted wood items are also very durable.

Wood is also easy to maintain: just clean it regularly with a damp cloth to keep it in good condition.

By choosing a wooden decorative object to decorate your home, you are opting for a material that is aesthetic, durable and easy to maintain.

We have chosen sandblasting for our vine stocks

Wood sanding is a finishing technique that consists of projecting sand dust onto the surface of the wood using a compressed air gun. The fine sand is able to remove dirt and black bark from the vine stock. The vine wood is then cleaned with a brush, hoover or blower.

Sanding the wood is an excellent way to restore the original wood. It allows us to bring out the different shapes and materials of the stock. Sanding wood is a relatively simple technique, but it becomes a real work of goldsmith when we have to strip an entire vine stock. We also take every precaution to avoid damaging the surface of the wood.

Discover all the preparation phases of the vine stock carried out in the Vieille branche workshop

Bois sablé -cep de vigne

Why choose sanded wood over driftwood?

Driftwood, sometimes called river wood or water wood, is wood that has been carried along by the current of a river until it washes ashore. Driftwood is generally lighter than sanded wood because it has been stripped of its water. Driftwood can be used to make furniture, decorative objects or even boats. Also used to build bridges or piers.

Beware of so-called driftwood! It rarely comes from the sea or a river. Unlike sanded wood, which is worked by hand, it is often just polished in machines. It then loses all its authenticity and therefore its value. You can even buy pallets of sanded branches thinking you are buying driftwood…

At the Vieille Branche workshop, we have chosen authenticity by recovering only known vine stocks. The vine stock has its nobility of wood and its history between the wine grower and the seasons. Sanded in a traditional and local way, it is a sure value which is part of our wine heritage.

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