Workshop vine stock decoration (France)

Vine wood, a history of authenticity!

First of all a family heritage

The history of Vieille Branche began 70 years ago with our grandfather, a winegrower in Vallet – France! It continues today, in the sandblasted wood workshop, in Aigrefeuille sur Maine, still in the Nantes vineyards.

The authentic object!

In creating Vieille Branche, we wanted to make your interior unique thanks to our centerpiece, your vine stock.

Artistic nature

Our artistic project is to imagine for you the elegant, unique and natural object by sharing its history with you.

Think different

For this, we went off the beaten track, in search of authenticity and exceptionality: the real “coup de coeur” object!

The Ronan & Nicolas'style!

Always respecting the exceptional nature of the vine wood,

  1. we find the remarkable vine stock,
  2. we prepare it by hand,
  3. we sand it with an exemplary finish,
  4. we treat it as naturally as possible by steaming it,
  5. we mount it on a wooden or metal base,
  6. we transform it into a lamp or a planted vine,
  7. to finally present it on the site, in your store or during events.
to imagine
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Grandsons of winegrowers

The story of our sandblasted wood workshop begins in 2018, one October morning. My brother Nicolas and I went to the family vineyard to collect some vines to burn. This little trip reminded us of our youth in our family of winegrowers and merchants in Vallet. We used to leave in the morning in a Citroën Type-H van to fetch the barrels of wine, the bundles of vine shoots and of course the vines. We had the same idea: “What if we gave a second life to this magnificent wood!

The idea gradually turned into a family project with the idea of combining our skills as DIY artists.

The decision was made, let’s recycle this natural wood.

We will sandblast the vines to bring out the nobility of this wood. This method reveals the natural charm and elegance of the vine’s fibres. We have carried out several trials of sanding, varnishing and painting on different vines.
We want to turn them into interior decoration objects, high-end wood sculptures!

A natural object, design and unique to mark your interiors. A light support for ecological lamps.

Today, it is with great pleasure and in our workshop in Aigrefeuille sur Maine that we present you our sanded wood creations. We hope you will enjoy discovering them!

More about vine growing

For all those who wish to discover the life of a vine stock, we invite you to discover the vine workshop on the “musée vignoble nantais” website. First, it will tell you about this plant, phylloxera and grafting. Then, it will describe its growth and finally you will find a lexicon with for example: the plantation bicycle, the budding, the stile and the marcottage.

Early morning in search of the ideal vine stock!