Workshop vine stock decoration (France)

In search of the exceptional and unique!

You are a : Restaurant owner, hotelier, You are the owner of a wellness area: spa, thalasso, You are an interior designer, decorator, home stager, You are the owner of a wine estate, You are a winemaker, oenologist, wine merchant, and you are looking for an authentic, unique decorative object. The vine stock offers an infinite range of possibilities that will surely seduce your customers. An authentic and charming decorative object that will sublimate a living, reception or work space! In the reception area or in the office, on wedding tables or even as a decoration for fine wines. We will go to great lengths to make your project a reality!

Our offers :

Sale of vine stocks as is

Choose the number you want
Select the shapes and number of branches on the photo

Sale of sanded and treated vine stocks

All our vine stocks are steamed without any chemical treatment
Select the shape and number of branches on the photo

Group sale of vine stocks on the E-shop

Select the shapes and number of branches from the photo
For the lamps, we have a large choice of colours and shapes

Customised order

Choose the height of the vine stock you want (max 70 cm)
We can test the bases with different materials and colours
Ask us to plant them with Tillandsias
Photographer Émeline Boilleau

Transformation of vine stocks

Send us your vine stock and we will turn it into a light fixture, a door handle, a bottle holder, a table centrepiece, etc.
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Examples of applications received and processed:

Sale of vine stocks in all their forms!

We offer them either in natural form, or as lighting, or with plants:

  • Table centrepiece for restaurants
  • Centrepiece for weddings
  • Decorative object
  • Lighting
  • Wall decoration
  • Door handle
  • Table legs

A unique know-how:

discover how our vine stocks are made.